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This rant is brought to you by this weeks seminar readings...

I hate the Holocaust. I suspect that this, in itself, is not an unpopular opinion. However, I specifically have Holocaust fatigue.

Apparently all my modules (across three different departments) have independantly concluded the Holocaust is the defining moment in 20th century modernity, and have proceded to shove it down our throats accordingly. This term alone I have studied Sophies Choice, Hannah Ardent, Lytoard's Auschwitz differend, Charlotte Delbo's concentration camp poetry, Frueds theories in regards to Nazi mentality, and I'm sure many more exciting things will follow...

I find it somewhat ironic that the Holocaust, universally acknowledged as an unspeakable act in History, has such a proliferation of writing about it.

Learning about the Holocaust is also making me a bad person. I was in Coventry city centre on Holocaust Memorial Day and they were having a rememberance parade. When I read one of the banners (6 Million Jews Dead) and realised what parade was for my automatic reaction was, 'fucking hell not the Jews again!' which, as you can imagine, did not go down very well!

Hitler ruined everything for everyone, damnit.
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