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So I MAY have slipped and fallen over whilst having a water fight last night. I MAY have pulled all the muscles in my lower back whilst doing so. As a result I have definately discovered that back injuries are the most excruciating pain known to man kind.

I can only lie down or stand stock still, anything in between is agony. I've had a terrible glimpse into my future as an arthritic old lady. Or one of those pregnant women who walks around with their hands on the small of their back all the live long day.

ETA: Essay writing after two years of doing fuck all is almost as painful as crippling yourself whilst being juvenile with tap water. I've written two 2,500 word essays this weekend and I have one to go. They are all unequivocably awful. I would feel sorry for myself, but for the fact that most of my old school friends are writing their dissertations this year so are in a far worse circle of hell than I.
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