Alice in Wonderland (dumbmonkeygirl) wrote,
Alice in Wonderland

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I is fucked off

You see this is how it goes;

Josh, 'loves,' Aimee, Aimee flirts with Will, Will likes Kim, Kim sends jealous looks to Aimee, Josh leaves heartbroken, Aimee goes to bed (flirted out for the day), Kim and Will procede to stir the pot of innuendo in the kitchen. Rinse and Repeat.

I meanwhile would love it if my kitchen would stop being a badly acted scene from Hollyoaks. I got in at 5am this morning, have had very little sleep and would like the teenage theatrics to end right now.

Also it would be fantastic if the females in my flat could learn to have a conversation with a boy without disengaging brain matter and turning on giggly bimbo to insufferable levels.

Thank you, goodnight.
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