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So I'm at Warwick university now and it's all very strange. I have to go to a seminar in half an hour so I'm going to do this in condensed form. Or maybe I'm just illiterate these days;

The Good

- My flatmates are lovely. There are 5 of us on the floor that actually talk to each other and everyone is a sweetheart. It's also a very international floor. We have one English girl and boy, 3 guys from Hong Kong, a girl from Turkey and a girl from Greece. Plus me with my very strange hybrid of an accent.

- My course looks fucking awesome. I'm doing 2 History modules, The Making of the Modern World and The History of the Novel (chosen for it's English Lit skew), an Introduction to Film module and a Modes of Reading module from the English department. I may go blind from reading so much/watching so many films but it should be worth it.

- Campus itself is beautiful (we have a lake and geese outside our window, I'm happy) and big enough to not feel claustraphobic

- I have the option of doing a year in America next year

- I'm starting to meet people from my various courses now, which brings a bit of variety into my life.

The Bad

- Following on from above, beacuse I'm doing modules in 3 different departments it is abnormally difficult to meet people who haven't already formed little subject cliques.

- My resisdence is a million miles (slight exaggeration) from the centre of campus. It is also a postgraduate residence, bar 50 undergraduates, so is somewhat quiet and unsociable.

- I haven't met anyone one I've really clicked with yet. I've been somewhat spoilt in the past because I've met people I've got on with exceptionally well very early on in my travels to PGL/Canada. This is not given me the art of patience and friendship building. Saying that, the people on my floor are perfectly lovely they're just more friends by situation than shared interest at the moment.


The Grapes of Wrath - Steinbeck
The Passion of a New Eve - Angela Carter
The Accidental
The Prestige
Wicked - Gregory Maguire
The Time Traveller's Wife
Notes on a Scandal
The Lovely Bones - Alice Seobold
The Old Man and the Sea - Hemmingway
A Passage to India - EM Foster
The Dead Zone - Stephen King
Bluebeards Egg and Other Stories - Margaret Atwood
Desperate Networks
Mirror Mirror - Gregory Maguire
Middlesex - Jeffery Eugenides
Atonement - Ian McEwan


Baise Moi
Last House on the Left
The Hunger
A Ma Soeur
Cabin Fever
Knocked Up
Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Freaky Friday (2001)
The Lives of Others
Pans Labryinth
Children of Men
Happy Feet
28 Weeks Later
The Simpsons Movie
Chak De India
Dil Se
Kal Ho Na Ho
Kabie Kushie Kabhie Gham
The Painted Veil
The Brave One
Dhoom 2
Rang De Basanti
Sommer '04 an de Schlei

Comments on various books and films to be added at a later date, possibly never

I never thought I'd say this since I think CSI is the vastly superior, albeit still hilariously overrated, American drama - however I thought the DH premiere was the best thing I watched on tv last week. Bar Edie's fake suicide, which made me wish for a length of rope to tie her up myself, everyone kept me entertained. Even Susan. I know.

I especially enjoyed Lynette's atrocious wig, Bree's ridunkulous baby belly and Nathan Fillion bringing some Firefly charm. My favourite part however was Marcia Cross and Dana Delaney's Bree-off. I think they should just write out Susan and Edie (and Mike) so that I could enjoy hours of uninterrupted, red haired, suburban repression.

CSI on the other hand, well there was a lot of wandering through the desert. A lot. I admired the aesthetics of it all and the balls the show had to go for, 'Sara of Arabia,' instead of showing a frantic rescue ala, 'Grave Danger,' but wow it lagged in the middle. I did however enjoy watching Jorja Fox have something to do other than pick lint up off the crapet inquisitively. There was car-fu and coyotes and arm breaking so it was all fun.

Plus I am glad that Sara lived as she is my favourite character, the fact that Fox is leaving the show in 6 episodes time irregardless is a bummer but I'll enjoy her whilst she lasts. Unlike certain fans who are sending campaigning letters and flying banners over CBS to keep her on a show she chose to leave of her own accord. Sometimes the interweb scares me.

One last tv ramble. Carrie Fisher is going to be on 30 Rock in a few weeks. Which is entirely too awse for my brain to comprehend. Tina Fey and Carrie Fisher in one place! A place I have also been over summer! And Liz Lemon is totally obsessed with Princess Leia! So much synergy.

And now I'm going to stop being a dork and actually do some work
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