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As ever I will use lj as a dumping place for pointless lists in the middle of the night.

Things to keep me happy/at least occupied in cold, grey England in the weeks proceeding the entertainment that is university

1. Seeing all the peoples again. My family I am already sick of, my friends I know I will have more of a stomach for.

2. Switching back to a UK sleeping pattern. It is not fun but it is necessary. I view it as a sort of marathon, an endurance test between my concious thought and my eyelids to see which can stay open for longer.

3. Contemplating how awesome, 'The Penelopiad,' is going to be at the Theatre Royal. I thought I had missed the adaptation of Atwood's book, as it was starting it's theatre run in Ottawa just as I was leaving. However it is coming to Newcastle. Oh heavenly days.

4. 'The Brave One.' I thought Jodie Foster's new film didn't open here until January, I was wrong. Two weeks baby. Two weeks until Jodie Foster gays up a tank top and a gun.

5. Hunting down as many Amitabh Bachchan movies as possible. Oh Amitabh you have drawn me into Bollywood with your sexy, silver bearded ways. I would also like to see Chak de India again. Oh my flatmates in Warwick are going to get sick of Bollywood soooo quickly.

6. Snakebite

7. American Fall TV. I am looking forward to downloading the following and watching them in varying crappy color on my laptop:
a) The Emmy awards. Come on 30 Rock! I hope neither the Black Crusaders nor the powerful bread lobby thwart your success. Or you know, The Office.
b) On that note - new season of 30 Rock. It doesn't start until Oct 4th, how will I survive without Tina Fey on my tv every week until then?
c) Desperate Housewives with Dana Delaney. I had lost all interest in DH until I read they had cast Dana Delaney as the new neighbour. Delaney vs. Cross. Steely redheaded joy!
d) CSI premiere. It just looks so awesomely dramatic. Sara captured by a psychopath under a car! Drowning! With a bone crunchingly broken arm! And a coyote! The only thing more awesome than that is the prospect of Grissom crying. And also Marg Helgenberger flipping her hair in slow motion angst.

8. Sorting out my hair. This dead animal on my head needs hair dye badly. And possibly conditioning.

9. Researching good tattoo places in the UK. Because there sure as hell aren't any in Newcastle.
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