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Wow lj still exists.

It's my last day in Ottawa today and, true to form, everyone is running around like a headless chicken. I left my house yesterday but we are currently trying to pack up Mel's room as she is moving straight after we come back from New York. Given that half my stuff is in there I am being not at all helpful by sitting typing on ye olde abandoned lj.

I am going to miss Ottawa a lot, it is a beautiful city and this has been a wonderful summer (perhaps I'll tell you all about it one day!) But yes, I'm going to New York for a week, and then Toronto for the Toronto film festival, so I guess it's not all quite over yet. However going on holiday is a lot different from living somewhere and Ottawa did feel like a home.

I am not looking forward to being in the grey UK again, where no one knows what poutine is and my accent can not be exploited to get a job/free drinks/make interesting friends.

On the plus side of life:

Things to do in New York

- Go to Central Park and ride on the carosel from Catcher in the Rye. Learn how to spell carosel
- Get free hat from Macys as promised in last months Glamour
- Broadway show (Hairspray?)
- Eat some of the best ice cream in the world
- Get another piercing
- Coney Island
- Stanten Island Ferry (don't bother actually going up the Statue of Liberty)
- Dork out in front of 30 Rock
- Buy something from the NBC store
- Buy my mother a cheap, touristy present as requested
- Times Square
- Break the sleep cycle acquired from working night shifts for the last 3 weeks
- Ground Zero
- Empire State Building
- Free Bollywood film on Wednesday
- Do not get mugged
- Sing 42nd Street on 42nd Street
- Sing New York, New York loudly in order to be as irritating as possible
- UN Headquarters
- UCB Show (the youtube one if I can persuade any of the 5 people I'm with to accompany me)
- Attempt to see Talk Radio if tickts are cheap.
- Remember to do all the other things I meant to put on his list
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