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OH I found the card, they're from your tell your gay Mom I said thanks

List of things to do in Canada/USA:

- Get a job and have money (the boring things first...)

- Pick up a cool Canadian accent so that when I come home I say aboot

- Find some sort of Magaret Atwood museum and read all the Atwood books I haven't read yet

- Try to catch a Stevie Nicks and Tori Amos gig whilst I'm in North America (sidenote: eeeeep for Tori's new album and Stevie's Best Of! No eeeeeps for the fact that as of now Tori is touring the UK, not America, whilst I am in the Americas, not the UK)

- Eat my weight in Lucky Charms

- Go to at least 3 Canadian cities (Toronto, Ottawa and ?)

- Stalk New York city in the hope that I'll spot any SNL or Law and Order cast member

- Failing that, go to New York and nerd out in front of the 30 Rock building and Friends exterior shot locations

- Convince the Canadian music industry to release the Racoons theme tune as a chart toppng single

- Don't die or get AIDS (my Mum is convinced I'm going to get some horrible STI in Canada)

- Actually learn something (anything!) about Canadian politics and some history beyond, 'Canada is made up of a bunch of immigrants.'

- Buy a laptop

- Buy lots of cheap clothes whilst the £ is strong against the Canadian $ (then have to pay ridiculous amounts when my baggage is way over limit)

- Sing, 'Oh Canada,' on Canada day in Canada (bonus points if Mel and Shut Up are there)

TBC as I think of more...
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